How to Choose the Best Products to Sell Online (Beginner’s Guide)

You want to earn extra money in an additional way, so you looked at several online business ideas and decided that creating an online store is the way to go.

The next step is where beginners often fight more: choose what products to sell in their online store.
In this final guide, we will explain how to easily choose the best products to sell online following our step-by-step process.

Choose Best Products
Choose Best Products

1. Basic concepts of choosing products to sell in your e-commerce store

Before you start looking for products that you can sell, there are some basic aspects that you should keep in mind. Let's look at some of the most important first.

1. Choose your e-commerce platform

First, you must choose a platform that you want to use to sell your products.

Choosing the right e-commerce platform is important because it would affect your choice of products and the way you do business.

Choose E-commerce Platform
Choose E-commerce Platform

WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce platform in the world. It is easy to use and you can use it to sell all kinds of products while accepting payments using multiple payment gateways. See our guide on how to start an online store to start working with WooCommerce.

However, WooCommerce is not the only platform that exists. There are some excellent WooCommerce alternatives that could be better for you depending on what you are trying to sell.
If you lack technical skills and want a faster way to build an online store, then you may want to search Shopify. It is a completely hosted solution that takes care of everything technical. The problem here is that you will pay a little more, and your costs will increase as you make more sales.

For a side-by-side comparison, see our article in Shopify vs. WooCommerce with the pros and cons of both platforms.

2. Shipping

Shipping has a great impact on the success of an e-commerce store. A study conducted by Business Insider found that the highest shipping costs are the number 1 cause of all abandoned shopping carts online.


Obviously, I would like to select the products that you can send at lower costs or for free. If you only plan to sell digital products (music, video, software, e-book, etc.), then you do not have to worry about the delivery, since customers will download them online.

3. Inventory

Do you want to manage inventory and keep products in stock? For that, you will need storage space and inventory management through your e-commerce software. Keeping products in stock will increase the cost of your business.
On the other hand, direct shipping solves this problem. You can select the products that are sent directly by the manufacturer or supplier.

4. price

You will need to find products where you can offer a competitive price to your customers. If the product you are selling is more expensive than your competitors, obviously that would discourage many buyers for the first time.

2. Types of products that you can easily sell

There are many different types of products that you can sell in your online store. We are going to reduce them in two main sections.

1. Commoditized products.

These are products that all need and are sold in many large and small stores without any difference in quality. For example, everyday products such as soap, detergent, cereals and more.
These products are manufactured by some of the largest brands in the retail industry and are widely available with little or no difference in price.

This makes it more difficult for you to compete with giants like Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. They can offer these products at lower costs, free shipping, and other benefits.
This rules out a lot of products for you.

2. Niche products

These are unique or handmade products, available in limited stock and from specific suppliers. Think of homemade soaps, novel t-shirts, ceramics, gift items, software, and many other products.

Since these products are not widely available, they give you a competitive advantage.

There are even unique platforms, such as Etsy stores, where you can find small suppliers that make beautiful products and would love to partner with other stores.

etsy stores
Etsy Stores

You can also find overseas suppliers using websites such as AliExpress or These providers can make those niche products according to your specifications and deliver them to you.

Niche products are available in almost any product category imaginable. You will find tons of unique ideas as you conduct your product research.

This brings us to our next tip.

3. Do product research on your own

Do not use your best guess to select the products you sell online. Make a backup with data so that you know that there is a demand for these products and that customers are looking for them.

The first tool you will use for your research is Amazon.

It is the largest e-commerce store in the world with thousands of products. Luckily, it is also a treasure trove of free data that you can discard and make your decisions.

Go through different categories of products to find high-performance products in each category. Continue narrowing your search to subcategories to find specific sub-niches of products.

Suppose you want to sell toys for children, narrow your search to very specific toy categories. This excludes popular products, and you get a very focused set of products as your filter.


Switch to the "Best Selling" view to find the best performing Amazon products in each category.

sort by bestsellers
sort by bestsellers

SEMRush is another great tool that you can use to collect data from competitors or from any e-commerce store you want.


It shows you where those e-commerce stores get most of their traffic, what products they promote through paid ads, what their most viewed products are and more.
It also shows ads for competing products from Google. You can see your ads for products with better results, keywords and other information.

Here are some other tools that you can use to collect product data from other websites.

  • Ah Ahrefs: a powerful competitor research tool that will show what is popular on the websites of your competitors.
  •  AdPlexity: a popular e-commerce research tool that helps you collect e-commerce data from the entire web, competitors or any other website.
  • AmazeOwl: is an Amazon product research tool available as a free desktop application.

4. Use the customer's people to find product ideas


A person of the client is a fictitious profile of an ideal client whom he wishes to address. You create this profile by answering simple questions about an ideal buyer.

This is your target audience and your personalization helps you understand them better when you are doing product research.

If you have an existing store, you can use e-commerce tracking in Google Analytics to create an ideal buyer person.

If you are starting, use your best estimate to create a customer person. This exercise helps you understand the needs of your customers, the questions they may have and the type of products they would like to buy.

For more information about the buyer's person, see this guide on how to create a specific buyer's person with ready-to-use templates and examples.

5. Find products that you are passionate about

As the career advisers say: "Choose a job that you love and you will never have to work one day in your life".

In the same way, choosing products that you are passionate about helps you to sell them more effectively.

These could be products that you love personally and that you passionately recommend to your family and friends. These could be products related to a hobby or activity that you are passionate about.

Nothing generates more passion when you build something useful and want others to use it.
Following your passion allows you to analyze the products and find ideas that offer real value to your customers.

We hope this article has helped you learn how to choose the best products to sell online. You may also want to see our article on tips to grow your business online without spending a lot of money.
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