This is What The Google Pixel 4 Could Look Like

The alignment of the Galaxy S10 is fashionable these days and, as we saw in our review, the hype is not without reason. One of the biggest ones is the AMOLED's amazing dynamic panel on the S10 phones, which looks simply amazing on the S10 +, despite the wider pill-shaped hole in the panel for the front camera. These screens are a sight to behold.
It seems that Google is also more than happy, since the first beta version of Android Q in this year's Pixel 4 phones that come with a perforated screen like the Galaxy S10 +. This is how we think Pixel 4 will look (click on the slide show below), and read on to find out why:


Android Q notifications panel Redesign

The beta version of Android Q shows us a panel of notifications slightly renewed in which you will also find the Quick changes. The redesign of the same switches is interesting, but what caught my attention was the huge empty space that is on the new battery life, which was added in Android Q.

The second image in the slide show below shows how it looks with the default theme, that is, dark mode off. I have shaded the empty space in green to help you understand how strange it looks.

However, a double size cut-out of the drill hole camera would explain this rarity. Look at all that wasted space. Certainly, it does not look good on the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 2, but it could be ideal with a double hole like the S10 +.

This is what the notification drawer looks like when it is placed in our Pixel 4 model, which illustrates why we believe that Google will go with this design:


Punch Hole Display for Pixel 4?

Here is the S10 + below a Pixel 2 XL, and you can see that the empty space just above the estimated uptime is ideal for a wide drill hole. It would also look more symmetrical.

pixl2 s10 plus

Therefore, at this point, you are wondering if the empty space can be filled later. But in Android Pie, we already had the battery indicator there, so downloading it is a deliberate redesign. The following shows the appearance of the drawer in the status displayed in Android Pie.

Android Pie status bar in notification drawe
Android Pie status bar in notification drawer

What is more, supposedly, the schemes of the Pixel 4 also show a cut of the hole or perforation in the frontal part like the S10 +. Here is what these supposed schemes filtered by Slashleaks look like:

Of course, our design is based on changes in the user interface in the first beta version of Android Q, which could be removed in the next compilation. I do not think that is likely, and there are strong reasons to believe the schemes, based on the first Android Q outing.
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