Top 10 Killer Tips To Improve Page Rank

The page rank is based on an algorithm that determines how close your link is to the query that was placed in a search engine like Google. The more important your link is shown, the higher it's ranking on the search results pages. The result is that web traffic increases to links that are classified in or near the top.

How is the Page Rank calculated?


The calculations used by the algorithm that determines the rank of the page include the number of links that are connected to your site. That includes inbound, internal, external, tracking and non-tracking links along with backlinks. To increase your web traffic, you need to improve the page rank to attract more people who are likely to buy the products or services you offer.

Here are 10 incredible ways to improve the ranking of the page so that more people start visiting your website.

How to improve Page Rank?

Submit Site to Web Directories

A simple, but very effective way to increase web traffic is to add more high-quality backlinks. This can be done simply by sending the content to web directories or respected articles. They provide a great way for more people to see your content. Some good directories include the following:

By finding the right articles and web directories, you can quickly improve the range of your page for its content.

Publish regularly

Google likes sites that publish on a regular basis, so set a time when you have new and fresh content for your site on a daily or weekly basis. Be sure to post the same day or days of the week, which will help improve your overall ranking.

Improve content

If the content is well written, informative and unique, this will help increase the likelihood that readers will share it with others. The better the content is presented, the greater the likelihood that it will be shared and that will improve the ranking of the page.

Exchange of links

This is a well-known technique, but it still works. To get higher page rank, you must get other sites that have a higher ranking to link to your site. Therefore, you will automatically have good links that will help boost the classification of your content. This means that you will have to appeal to people with better-classified sites to agree to share your link with you.

Publish to other sites

This is also known as guest publishing, it is another proven and true technique that helps improve the page rank. Find blogs that allow guests to post so you can receive two or three backlinks in exchange for what you have sent. The key is to post to blogs that are in your industry or niche so you can attract readers to your site.

Add comments to other sites

In addition to publishing articles, you should also regularly comment on articles published on other sites. You will need to establish a schedule so that you can comment consistently on the publications that are in your niche or sector. The more you post, the more active you will be in the community, which means that your site will grow to a greater extent. While most sites today have Disqus installed, which means that a link to your site is automatically published, others still use the Do-Follow, which means you must include the link.

Increase uptime

Be sure to choose a web hosting provider that offers an uptime of 99.9% to make your website available to anyone who wants to visit it. Prolonged downtime can significantly reduce web traffic, so be sure to choose a provider that is reliable and offers uptime guarantees.

Social Marker

The social network is an excellent way to help increase the visibility of your content and improve the ranking of the page. By sharing your content on the best social sites, you'll get more traffic thanks to the free backlink. Naturally, you'll want to choose sites that are as popular as the following:


Google Mas



Stumble upon



By sharing with good social networking sites, you can increase the page rank considerably. In addition, it will work for you over time to help strengthen your site. Also, be sure to be active on your social media sites by answering questions so potential customers stay close to your efforts.

Multiple pages

This is another old but useful technique that can improve the range of your page thanks to the internal linking. Basically, you will need several pages that link to articles or content of a similar nature. It takes a bit of work, but it's worth seeing the results over time.

Search for popular keywords

Focus on keywords that are the most common, which means using words that people will likely use as queries on search engine sites. By using the most searched keywords, you can help improve your page ranking significantly over time. This means having more visitors and better results when it comes to your sales.

In addition to these ten proven ways to improve the page rank, you should also consider the power of advertising. By creating a simple banner and publicizing it on other sites, you can generate many good backlinks that in turn generate more traffic for your page. Keep in mind that you must be active every day when it comes to blogs and forums that are also in your niche.

Another small trick is to add a link to your signature in forums and emails, although you'll want to avoid any illegal tactic that puts your website in trouble. By using the right techniques, you can improve the page rank naturally, which is based on your long-term success. After all, your goal is to succeed by increasing the classification of your content. Therefore, you must dedicate time and effort to do things well to succeed.

What methods do you use to improve the page rank? Share with us in a comment below.
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