The only 4 tools you need to rank # 1 on Google - STOP paying for SEO tools

STOP paying for SEO tools, here are the only 4 tools you need to rank # 1 on Google | When I started in SEO, there were a dozen tools out there. They were all expensive and, hey, unless you wanted ratings, you would have to pay for one of these tools. But times have changed. Now there are not just dozens of tools, there are hundreds of tools. And because of that, there are also many free ones. Today, I'm going to break down why you should stop paying for SEO tools, and only use these four free tools if you want to rank number one on Google.
4 tools you need to rank # 1 on Google
4 tools you need to rank # 1 on Google

1. Google Search Console

So, tool number one. Are you ready for this? Google search console.

This is what I love about Google Search Console. I make a comparison of my traffic now, during the last 30 days, with my traffic six months ago. And I look for the pages that have the biggest drop in impressions and clicks. Now I know that these are the pages that I need to go back to my site, adjust, and update.

You can add some videos if you think that helps improve the experience. Eliminate things that don't make sense. You avoided the fluff because sometimes you can have long articles because you were testing keyword stuff.
Search Console Dashboard
Search Console Dashboard

2. Structured data markup assistant

The second tool I have for you is Structured Data Markup Assistant. Look, if you want those star ratings on your site, you want to be included in the rich snippets, you want your listing to stand out, you must use structured data.

But how are structured data used? Well, it's complicated because depending on the type of website you have, the structured data will look different.

That way, when someone does a Google search, they can see all those little breadcrumbs, and that helps increase your click-through rate.

3. Google trends

The third tool is  Google Trends. This is super important. The reason is that if your brand is continuously searched more and more, you will notice that your ranking increases. So, it's about building a brand. And you will find, "Hey", why do I need to increase my brand? "Well, all social sites have fake news issues like Facebook, Google, and many more. And Google Trends proves it.

4. Ubersuggest

Now, last but not least, another free tool, Ubersuggest. If you want to do SEO, Ubersuggest has the features of Moz, SEMrush, Ahrefs, almost most over 80 percent of its features for free. So if you want to do a site audit, well there is an SEO audit report on Ubersuggest that breaks down reduces your load time, your title tags, your meta description, your code errors, your URL issues, your redirection problems.

And it tells you how to fix each one of them. And it breaks down into priority on which ones you need to change first to get the maximum amount of traffic. Looking for more keywords to search? Ubersuggest also has a keyword ideas report.
UberSuggest review
UberSuggest review

And the keyword ideas report shows you all the keywords you can search for. According to Jumpshot, approximately 49% of searches performed on Google do not receive clicks. Well, with Ubersuggest, they will show you keywords based on questions, comparisons, prepositions.

These are all high intention keywords. So if you search for them in your copy, you will find that you will get more clicks, more traffic, and the visitors that line up on your site will convert because now you are not just looking for generic keywords. There is also a backlinks report.

You can put any URL of your competitor or your site. It shows you who links them. And then you can contact all those people, assume you entered a competitor's URL, and ask them to link back to your site if their content is better. This will give you an idea of ​​the type of content you should produce compared to the type of content. the content you shouldn't be producing.

And of course, last but not least, there is a traffic analyzer report that shows how much traffic your competitors are getting compared to you. So you have a rough comparison of what you need to do to improve your traffic

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