7 marketing trends to help you DOMINATE social media in 2020

Of all the marketing spaces that exist, social networks are the ones that change the most every year, and they change drastically. And look, if you are going to follow the advice of a year or two ago, it will not really work in the future. Today I'm going to break down seven marketing trends that will help you master social media in 2020.
marketing trends to help you DOMINATE social media
Marketing trends to help you DOMINATE social media

1. Stories

So what is the first big change? It is, Stories, they will continually grow.

According to Hootsuite, 64% of marketers have already incorporated Instagram Stories into their strategies, or plan to do so. So you really need to get into Stories.

Even YouTube has newly added Stories to its platform. And it will be something predetermined in all the social platforms that arise, even in the new ones that emerge that have not yet been launched, they will all be in Stories. So be sure to take advantage of them, and you can use the same story for all platforms, so it will be more efficient for you.

2. Niche platforms.

The second trend, niche platforms are going to take off.

Look, Facebook is great, Instagram is great, they have dominated many of the social channels in recent years. But platforms like TikTok is taking off at record rates for youth communities.
Trading platforms like LinkedIn work very well for the B2B category or the business world. All of these niche platforms are emerging. Some of them are old, some of which you have heard of, but more people are actually entering these niche communities.
how to set up a niche business
How to set up a niche business

Like Pinterest, it is perfect for interior decoration, and really good if it targets female demographics. So you should look at these niche networks, and not just kick them out and say, oh no one on Pinterest, it's not that popular. It remains a multi-million dollar publicly traded company.
If you are not paying attention to these specialized channels, you will not do well. And here's the thing, if you've already created content for one of them, you can reuse that content and post it everywhere, right? Just watch all the channels out there.

3. New impulse for social commerce.

The third trend, there is new momentum for social commerce.

Look, in my ad agency, we have a lot of people talking to us, saying, "I'm doing e-commerce, I was doing really well" in Facebook ads and Instagram ads, "now we want to get into ads for Google ". This is the opposite, years ago it used to be people like "I started with Google ads", now I want to understand.

Facebook. "People are now starting with Facebook and social ads, because social commerce is so big when it comes to Instagram. There are all these companies built on Instagram and social media.

4. Augmented reality.

The fourth trend, augmented reality, will be more frequent.

Now, these things haven't taken off yet, but you see Snapchat is really pushing a lot on this, Facebook is pushing a lot on this, and while it's not fully there, it will become increasingly popular in the future.

5. Increased regulatory control.

The fifth major trend is an increase in regulatory control.

Look, there is so much private information that we are all concerned, we bet the government will step in. Therefore, you need to be more careful about the data you are collecting, what you are collecting about people because the last thing you want to do is break any of these rules. And it's not just country by country, now in certain regions, like the United States, each state has its own rules when it comes to privacy.
Social media technology
Social media technology

6. Adoption of technology.

The sixth trend, technology adoption will take off.

Now we are in a role where the video is everything. Video will become more popular than text-based stuff, everyone will want video-based content, because they have these mobile devices, and they have these broadband networks that are coming to their place, where videos happen so fast it's just going to become the norm.

7. Video content.

And that brings me to the seventh trend. Video content will overrule any other form of content.

If you have text-based content, you've already found it on Facebook, it doesn't work as well as video. But it's not just Facebook, all the other networks from LinkedIn to TikTok, for those who want live video, all this will take off.

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