How to increase traffic on my blog - 7 Proven Strategies

If you are passionate about blogging, this is the right article for you. Dive into the article to find out the right ways to generate more revenue-generating blogging traffic.

I hope you have a blog site where you want to generate more traffic. It is the goal of all bloggers. Without traffic, it is impossible to fulfill the purpose of bloggers. Therefore, all bloggers aim to generate traffic to their website at any cost.
how to drive traffic to your website
How to drive traffic to your website

They drive traffic to your website using the following methods:
  • Paid method
  • Free method

Payment method: in this formula, you must pay to get traffic. This formula is advertising. You can generate more traffic than the money exchange needs.
  • Advertising on social networks
  • Google AdWords
  • Various alternatives to Adsense

Free method: In this method, you don't need any cost. By following towing ways, you can drive more traffic to your website.

On page optimization in SEO
On-page optimization in SEO

Search Engine Optimization: With this method, you can generate a lot of organic traffic. To do this, you must prepare your content for search engines. How?
The content is optimized in two ways:
  • SEO on the page
  • Off-page SEO

On-page SEO: It means optimizing the knowledge of the website content for search engines.
Off-page SEO: Refers to link building, social media marketing, branding that is done directly on the website.
Driving traffic using the SEO formula is a long-term process. Otherwise, it is not so easy to get rank at the top of the search engines.
Also, you can apply the second method and SEO.

To drive traffic to your website, the method will be the best way without SEO.

Social networks:

You can generate more traffic from social networks. Like today, social media is a very popular way to get traffic. People's activities are huge on social media. By following the steps, you can send them to your website.
  •  Join your niche related to the Social Network Group
  •  Create a page related to the niche
  •  Contribute to the group and the pages.
  •  Discover the interest of the members of the groups.
  •  Build a relationship between you and group members.

Then you can motivate and drive to your website.
Social media marketing
Social media marketing

Question and answer site:

These sites can be your second platform for generating traffic. On the sites, you can ask and answer. By responding, you can develop your brands and prove yourself as an expert on a specific topic. On the sites, you can send a link in response to a question. Through the link, you generate more traffic to get the information they want.

Blog commenting: 

Blog comments are another way to generate traffic to your website. To do this, you need to visit the sites and read the blog, then you can express the feeling about the blog. There you can also reply to any comment from any reader. By doing this, you can build a strong relationship between them. The reliability you will get from other readers and the blogger will drive more traffic to your website.

I hope the answer is useful to you.

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