How can I increase traffic on my website?

I had the same question when I started my business 3 years ago, and I'll start the answer by sharing my website's traffic statistics and the strategies I used to grow our website traffic.

Here's a snapshot (Google Analytics Dashboard)
Google Analytics Dashboard
Google Analytics Dashboard

I'm sharing the breakdown of my major traffic sources year-round, hope this table gives you the idea that increasing traffic is more about adding channel layers one at a time, rather than going all on one channel.
major traffic sources
Major traffic sources

Before we begin to understand the process of finding more and more website visitors, let's ask some crucial questions that will help us create effective strategies to attract people to our website:

  • What is my website about? How well do I understand my own business? (Sounds like an easy question to answer, it isn't.) Take time to find all possible answers to this same question.
  • What do people get when they visit my website? It is essential to have an obvious understanding of your goal or the action you want your web visitors to take.
  • Is it a blog/news article you can read?
  • Do I want them to download an application? It could be a the game, a productivity app, etc.
  • Do I want a product or service to be purchased from me or my company?
  • Am I spreading awareness or taking donations for a cause?
  • Do I want someone and everyone to visit my website, or would I will rather be interested in attracting those who might be interested in what my website has to offer?

Generating Memes

Once we are done with a decent understanding of the above questions, we can continue to formulate strategies to welcome people to our website.

Step 1: create attractive content relevant to the audience you want to attract
  1. Write blogs, guest blogs on topics that interest potential visitors.
  2. Create vineyards/videos for different platforms
  3. Create creative designs / infographics / e-books to educate users / potential customers
  4. Generating memes is very effective, you can see tons of memes on Netflix shows. Don't be surprised if I tell you that creators are paid the same

Generating Memes

Step 2: content distribution is important, otherwise, how do people know of your existence?
  1. Run ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Google, Hotstar, TikTok, etc.
  2. You can always opt for traditional marketing methods that include newspapers, magazines, flyer distribution, poster placement, etc.
  3. If you feel like you're short on cash or don't want to spend money, there are tons of options available, but this method is time-consuming. (It took me almost 2 years to drive approximately 50,000 Quora visitors to my website)
  4. There are many ways you can reach people, given the benefit we have in the form of digital platforms that allow us to reach millions at the click of a button.
If the content is king, then distribution is King Maker.

Remember this,

Website traffic could be a vanity metric, which could mean that thousands of website visitors would be of no use to you if you don't know what to do with them.
So the million-dollar question is, "What are you going to do with your website visitors?"

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